You’ve probably heard of the terms carnivore (those who eat meat) and herbivore (those who eat plants). But one term you might not be as familiar with is localvore – a relatively new term being thrown around today.

Localvore a term to describe a person committed to eating food grown and produced locally. Eating local food can have provide many benefits for the person, their community, and for the environment.

Benefits of Becoming a Localvore

Here are some benefits from eating local produce:

  • Better for the environment. For example…
    • Less transporting requirements. Your food doesn’t need to be transported thousands of kilometers. This saves fuel and other resources required to transport your food.
    • Less packaging. Most supermarket food uses plastic or tin packaging, thus requiring more fossil fuels.
  • It supports the local community. By purchasing local produce, you are supporting your local farmers. More money stays within your local community.
  • Healthier food. Local produce doesn’t need to be processed or contain preservatives. This is because the food doesn’t need to travel as far.
  • Tastes better. Local food will typically taste better than food that has been mass produced for the supermarkets. Supermarkets will do all sorts of things with their produce (such as inject them with hormones) in order to extend the shelf life of their “fresh” produce.

All or Nothing?

Some people are “die-hard” localvores – they won’t eat anything unless it was grown and produced within say, a 100 mile radius from their home. Others are not as strict – they try to eat locally when they can, but still purchase some groceries from the supermarket.

Depending on where you live, some foods can be difficult to source locally. For example, you might have trouble finding local coffee beans. Local olive oil could be difficult to find too. But of course, I’m sure a true localvore will at least, try their hardest to source everything locally!

Now, unless you’re planning to go on a 100 mile diet or something similar, you’ll probably find yourself eating non-local cuisine most days. Don’t let that deter you though. You can use your awareness of the localvore concept to become more interested in where your food is sourced from. And if you prefer to switch to a local provider for some of your groceries – great!

And if you’re still wondering if becoming a localvore is your cup of tea, the 100 mile diet website offers 13 good reasons to eat locally.