Save energy they say. Posters, placards, billboards – all of those too scream out, trying to convey the urgency of the situation we’re in. If we don’t act now, either we or our future generations are going to be in a situation the gravity of which is unimaginable.

According to KDSmartEnergy, “More and more companies are going 100% organic which is the way to go for saving our environment.”

Sarah Baker from Advanced Clean Air continues “Covid added many years to the life of our planet, but as we open world back up, we need to be very mindful not to put it into shock state again”

They ask us to save energy. As usual, you ask why? I have enough, why bother about others. Well, we have answers – here are a few reasons which will compel you to think and adopt energy-saving methods right away.

Saves you money:
Money is supremely important, right? And only when something is equated to money do we humans actually care to read and look into the matter. So here’s the deal – saving energy saves you a lot of money. And mind you, a lot of it. Besides, it’s good for our planet says Gerri from Panda Flowers. She continues “We do Fresh Flower Delivery daily but we think we’re doing the planet a favor by using electric bikes instead of cars”. It is important for us to use electric vehicles and produce our own power using remote solar power systems.

Great for your surroundings:
You need to realize that the emissions from your motorhomes and electric gadgets are going into the air you breathe. It’s all coming back to you in some form or the other. So before shrugging off your responsibility to the earth and her energy resources, take a moment and think. You are ending up creating a harmful world not only for others but for yourself too. If you think of and implement some energy saving methods, it will at least have a positive impact on your immediate environment.

Because it’s all depleting?
Is this reason scary enough for us all to answer the wake-up call? It should be! Imagine if your children tomorrow don’t have any energy reserves left to consume just because you finished them all off? Sounds horrible, may not happen to your children but this is coming – and before this happens it’s time we take steps to bring in some change and conserve our resources.

Being a responsible citizen of the world is essential – we just cannot sacrifice the safety of our energy reserves at the altar of greed. We as individuals can workout simple measures to implement in the community we reside in to set an example for the neighborhood we reside in to make sure that not only we but all of them – including the environment reap the benefits of our actions.